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Man vs. Food : Man Wins!!!

2 Dec

I had to post a video on this show, Man vs. Food hosted by Adam Richman. It plays on the Travel Channel. This is one of our favorite shows and coming from us that’s not a blank statement. I mean we watch a lot of food shows! Alot! (more…)

Paellas at Alma Grill / Habana Room

22 Nov

Al and I went to meet our friends (Andy& Marisa) at Alma Grill also known as Habana Room to celebrate their cross country move (Denver here they come!). (more…)

Ahhhh… Benihana!

9 Sep

Benihana's NYC

Last Saturday night we went to Benihana in NYC for my best friend, Carlos’s Birthday. It was my first time there but Carlos raves about this place. If you haven’t heard of Benihana, it’s a Japanese/Hibachi, family style restaurant. The chef cooks right in front of you and sharing a table is the norm. It was seven of us so we pretty much took over. Our chef, Jimmy…OOOHHH MANN…This guy was funny! He started joking with us and pretending to be Latino. He actually spoke Spanish pretty well. For the first ten minutes he kept saying his name was Jose and his favorite saying of all…”OHH JIMMY’S DAH MAN!” HaHa! He did a bunch of cool tricks, definitely an attention grabber. Menu time…I love food so everything sounded GREAT!! Eventually, I ordered the Benihana Steak…My choice: medium rare. I like a little juice, lol! The steak was accompanied by chicken and vegetable fried rice. One word: SLAMMING! Jimmy continued by throwing shrimps, zucchini, and other veggies on the grill. (more…)

So So Service at Mambo Tea House

6 Sep

Mambo Tea House

Glenn’s Birthday Dinner! THE BIG 24! His Choice…Mambo Tea House in Rutherford, NJ. This is the second time we go there and can’t say the service was as good this time around. Cute place, cozy feel, zen atmosphere. (more…)

Cuban Food at its Cheapest @ Rumba Cubana!

5 Sep

Tuesday night, wanted dinner, but no city prices. Al and I decided on Rumba Cubana, a Cuban restaurant that just opened up under new management about 10 blocks away from our apartment. Close enough to walk, close enough to get drunk, close enough to walk our drunken asses home. (more…)