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Flan De Coco Recipe! Delicious!

20 Feb

Flan de Coco Recipe

Flan De Coco (Coconut Flan)-Page 198

¾ of a cup of sugar
4 large eggs
2 large egg yolks
1 14 ounce can of condensed milk
1 14 ounce can of evaporated milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
¼ of a teaspoon of salt
1 can of shredded coconut in heavy syrup


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
2. Heat ½ cup of sugar in a small sauce pan over medium-low heat
3. Stir occasionally until sugar is completely melted
4. Pour melted sugar into six (4 to 6 ounce) ramekins (I personally used an 8 inch round pan)
5. Combine remaining sugar, eggs, egg yolks, condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla, and salt into a blender
6. Blend until completely combined
7. Stir in half the can of coconut
8. Pour mixture into pan of choice (be sure to scoop the coconut from the bottom of the blender)
9. Fill a large oven proof pan halfway with water (Ensure your pan of choice fits into the oven proof pan)
10. Carefully place pan with mixture into water filled pan
11. Bake for about 40 to 50 minutes in center rack
12. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours
13. Serve each slice with a dollop of the left over coconut

Flan de Coco Recipe

2 Responses to “Flan De Coco Recipe! Delicious!”

  1. strscream 03. Apr, 2010 at 11:52 pm #

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

  2. Kat 04. Apr, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    Thanks a bunch! Since, we have been on this diet our writing has become less and less! But we will certainly keep on rocking!! I’m hoping this diet phase goes away faster than you can read this sentence!! But still glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

    By the way, not sure if you saw our post on our first annual cook off, but we are looking for amateur cooks to join our competition. Interested? Or know of anyone who is? Let us know. Once again, THANKS!!!!!!!

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