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Chilean Food At The Murrays!!

15 Feb

As we all know I just love love to eat! I’m not a picky eater and I always eat beyond my capacity. What can I say I’m a foodie! The only thing that competes with my love for eating is my love for chatting. Growing up my mom would always tell me, “Katy if I let ju, ju would talk to the walls” (pronounce as written). And honestly I think I have on more than one occasion. Hehe!

So when I was invited to have dinner at the Murrays I couldn’t resist. I mean what’s better than dinner and good company. I was super excited! Bren and I had shared a few laughs in the earlier weeks about our families and I couldn’t wait to meet them. Friday night had approached rather quickly and before I knew it I was being greeted by Mrs. Murray. There’s something so warm about a Spanish household! I mean they almost always treat you like you are family. I walked in, Mrs. Murray gave me a hug and kiss, Mr. Murray followed suit and next thing I knew we were drinking a wine concoction and swapping stories. A wine concoction– which by the way was delicious!! I later found out it’s a Chilean mixture made up of wine, egg, sugar, and cinnamon. Oh my god can I say it one more time: DELICIOUS!!! (I begged Mrs. Murray for the recipe and I got it! Whoohoo! I will post it up!)

As we moved into the dining room, I could smell the aroma from the kitchen. That’s another thing. Every Spanish household just has the smell. That good-old-home-cooking smell! Love it! Appetizer time! Empanadas done up Chilean style. Mmmm they were so good! This was turning out to be better than I could imagine. They weren’t your typical empanadas or how we Puerto Ricans like to call them, empanadillas. They were almost pastry like. Very fluffy, very flavorful, very good!

Note to self: Find out the name of the bakery where Mr. Murray bought them. Definitely a must try!

While I chowed down on the empanadas Mr. Murray recited stories and cracked jokes. He’s quite the jokester I must say. Reminds me a lot of my own dad. Next was dinner and of course more wine. My kind of place! Beef and mash potatoes. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again you can’t ever go wrong with meat and potatoes. In between chewing and laughing, I realized I was on my second plate! What can I say, it was goooooddddd!

Okay now for the best part (of course not taking the “vaina”-name of the wine concoction into consideration) Drum roll please…..Dessert!! Another Chilean favorite-Bavarois de fruta (Also got the recipe. Will post it up!). In essence, it’s a sweet, creamy flan like dessert made up of evaporated milk, jello (I know, JELLO! Who knew it could be so tasty), and fresh fruit. I won’t say how many bites I had. I like to think a woman never eats and tells! But oh man I could have definitely had the entire bowl. The night couldn’t have been better. Great stories, great food, and best of all great company!

I think next time I’ll invite the Murrays over for some Caribbean cooking. Stay tuned!

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  1. Brenda 15. Feb, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    LOVE IT!!!! We loved having you over and can’t wait until you come over again. My parents both loved how you described your visit to our home and thank you for all the kind words. And like you said, the food and drinks were good….but the company was even better, you are always great company Kat….’cause let’s face it…you’re fabulous!!! xoxo!!!

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