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No Salt & Pepper In This Steak Recipe! Done up Cuban Style!

8 Feb

Bistec de Palomilla

Good food always makes someone feel better, doesn’t it?! Okay wait, something is missing.

Take two:

Good food and wine (please forgive me that won’t ever happen again) always makes someone feel better, doesn’t it?

Right on!

That’s the thought that began another Sunday night adventure.

“You go pick her up and I’ll start the cooking,” I told Al. As I flipped through the recipes I came across Bistec de Palomilla, arroz con frijoles negros, y platanitos maduros. A mouthful! No pun intended. Translation: steak, white rice, black beans, and sweet plantains.

I figured a hearty meal would make her feel a lot better. One of my best friends that is. Laura was not having such a great week amongst having jitters that in a few days she would be hitting the windy city to finish off her med school requirements. Ohhhh man!!! Tough cookie!!!

So I did what I do best, cook, cook and more cooking! That… was your thought, riiigghhhhhtttt?!!!

I dove right into it. Whisking away the orange juice, the lime juice and the crushed garlic. This would become the marinade that would make my steaks one of a kind. Okay, maybe not one of a kind considering these recipes are in a cook book but you get my drift. “Pour over the steaks and let them sit for 15-30 minutes,” I read aloud. Errr! I hate waiting.

Note to self: MORE PATIENCE!!

As I waited (or not), I entertained myself by getting a head start on the rice and beans. Olive oil, onions, garlic cloves, oh my. Nothing like homemade Cuban black beans. Delicious! Trust me! I was all into it when Ding! The 30 minutes were up. No gray hue in sight. Whohooo! Apparently you have to be careful since leaving the steaks in the marinade too long turns them “an unappealing grayish hue.” Mrs. Rodriguez’s words not mine. Listen to the expert, people! The rice was well on its way, the beans were on medium heat and the steaks were now frying in olive oil when in walked Lali* and Al. “That smells so good my friend*,” were the first words out of her mouth. “Doesn’t it?” I responded. Score! The only thing left to cook, a.k.a. fry were the sweet plantains. So, I peeled the bananas, cut them up, and dipped those babies right into the frying pan. It was all coming together so perfectly! All I needed was it to taste as good as it smelled! And boy did it ever! It was such a hit! Words can’t describe how mouthwatering the steaks were. Not rubbery, not oily, not anything else but scrumptious! The entire meal was oh so good! Mission accomplished!

So from our kitchen to yours, let the cooking escapades continue.

Till next time! Day 7 here we come!

*Directions/Ingredients can be found under recipes

*Lali- Laura’s nickname. We’ve all been calling her that since high school and boy was that a long time ago!

* “My friend”- her coined phrase. Not sure how it started but she always and I mean always uses it. E-very–where! Here are some of the classics. “hi my friend”, “you are great my friend,” and the infamous “how are you my friend.” Oh you have to love her!

2 Responses to “No Salt & Pepper In This Steak Recipe! Done up Cuban Style!”

  1. Ed Schenk 08. Feb, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    Looks like a great meal!

  2. Laura 14. Feb, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    LOL!!!! It was indeed great!!! I know I can always count on you guys and of course Mason! Poor Mason who always has those mouth watery eyes hoping to grab some food from someone’s plate. lol

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