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Chicken Soup for the Cuban Soul????

20 Jan

Sopa de Pollo Recipe

“Isn’t chicken soup suppose to be the ultimate comfort food?!?!” I rhetorically asked Al as we sipped through our “Sopa de Pollo.” His nod said it all. He didn’t admit it (as he never does) but he knew, that I knew, that it just wasn’t great!

I thought a warm, tasty, homemade soup would be the perfect ending to a cold Sunday night. I guess what I really envisioned was my mom’s famous chicken soup! The one she always stirs up when I am feeling under the weather.

As a matter of fact, just the other day while I was on my death bed (In case you haven’t figured it out I like to exaggerate, just a little!) she came over and in her cute little accent said,” Katy ju have to take care of juself. I am going to cook ju sum chicken soup and it will make ju feel brand new” (Pronounce as written. I love you mom!). And that she did. About an hour and half later, a steamy bowl of goodness was served and it was yuuuummmmmyyyy!

Sopa de Pollo Recipe

I guess that’s the fond memory that got me in trouble in the first place. You see, I just thought that Mrs. Rodriguez’s “Sopa de Pollo” recipe and my mom’s “Sopa de Pollo” recipe would taste exactly the same. I guess I was wrong!! If I can sum it up in one word, “BLAND” would be the word of choice! I mean I needed flavor and lots of it. We are Hispanic for god sakes! Everything is flavorful! Besides the lack of taste, the chicken was dry, the stock wasn’t seasoned, and the angel hair pasta was so out of place. If I could be honest, I had all of three spoonfuls before handing it off to Al. I know it sounds horrible but I just expected more! 

Okay, I’m going to stop ranting now! If Mrs. Rodriguez ever reads this I’ll be blacklisted! As I think I should be! I mean come on now, how can I criticize a woman whose cookbooks (yes, plural!) sit on the shelves at Barnes and Nobles. Who has appeared in more magazines and newspapers than I can count! And what have I done, all of five recipes… FROM HER COOKBOOK!! The nerve of me!

But doesn’t anyone out there agree?! Shouldn’t I be honest! Maybe next time I’ll try to be more tactful (clearly not one of my strong points!).

So, from our kitchen to yours, let the cooking escapades continue!

Day 6, here we come!

*Directions/Ingredients can be found under recipes

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