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Fritas & Papitas –An American Classic Prepared Cuban Style!

28 Dec

Fritas (Cuban Burger)

What more can two foodies ask for besides great food, you ask?! GREAT COMPANY to share it with!

And that’s exactly how our Sunday night was spent.

Our friends Awilda and George* came over whom we hadn’t seen since our trip to Europe back in May. First on the agenda; a lot of catching up to do! You see, George proposed to Awilda in Spain and I needed to be completely updated on all the wedding details. And if that wasn’t enough, I was cooking fritas – the Cuban version of the American Hamburger –for the first time ever! Too much to do, too little time!

So, while trying to multi task –you know, cooking, chit chatting, and reminiscing I managed to concentrate enough to cook my fritas and papitas (French Fries). I proceeded along following step by step the way I pictured Mrs. Rodriguez telling me if she were standing in my kitchen. “Kathy,” I imagined with a slight Spanish accent like my cute mother, “Mix in the bread crumbs, then the egg, then the ketchup and don’t forget the half and half.” “Get your hands dirty! Don’t be scared! (The wise words of every Hispanic cook)” And just when I was getting the hang of it, there it was, right smack in front of me. “Add 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.” After not having a good experience when putting it into my “Pastica de Jamón” (Ham spread) I was super hesitant to add it to my Fritas. I mean after all I couldn’t afford to have them taste bad. I had guests over for god sakes! But, I closed my eyes, took a leap of faith and in it went. Okay, it didn’t quite go that way but you get my drift!

As the fritas fried (yes! you read correctly –3 table spoons of olive oil to be exact) the potatoes were next. So I cut them up, gave them a salt water bath, and added them to the sizzling oil. Nothing like the sounds of oil when it sizzles! 7 minutes later and the papitas were ready to go!

Preparing the burgers was the best part! Al and I decided to deviate just a little bit! In a good way of course. We added gooey, melted American cheese. We’re cheese lovers, what can we say! And as always, no matter what you add cheese to, it never disappoints! And of course it doesn’t end there. We also went to our local Cuban bakery and decided that instead of dinner rolls we would put our burgers on traditional Cuban bread! Best idea we’ve had in a long time! Oh wait and it gets even better –If that’s possible! We put the bread in the oven for about 3 minutes to make it warm and toasty. WOWZERS IS ALL I CAN SAY!! Just picture it! The burger, the gooey, melted American cheese; the warm toasted Cuban bread topped with your traditional lettuce, tomato, onions, and ketchup. Let’s just say this burger was the icing on the cupcake, the cherry on the sundae! A few bites in and the whole room went quiet.

To sum it up in one word…Delicious!

Fritas (Cuban Burger)

So from our kitchen to yours, let the cooking escapades continue!

Day 4-coming up!

*Ingredients/Directions can be found under recipes

Awilda & George: My dear friends who I am grateful for. If it weren’t for the fact that we all started at Citigroup at the same time, Awilda and I would’ve never met, we would’ve never tortured poor George all through out training, and THEY WOULDN’T BE GETTING MARRIED! I credit myself for that one, right George? Congrats guys!

2 Responses to “Fritas & Papitas –An American Classic Prepared Cuban Style!”

  1. Awilda 29. Dec, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    The burgers were packed with SABOR! My compliments to the Chef, AKA the greatest matchmaker EVER!

  2. George 29. Dec, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    You would think that great friends, drinks and rich memories would make for a complete evening..

    Well think again..

    This was merely the backdrop for Kat’s Authentic Cuban- Style Cheeseburger, or what I now call “The Miracle on 68th Street!”

    Cheers to a great Sunday Night guys!

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