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Pastica De Jamon, Oh My!

26 Dec

Pastica de Jamon

Okay, this is going to be fairly simple, I think! No offense to Mrs. Ana Rodriguez (the author of the cookbook that I am following) but my Cuban mother’s “Pastica de Jamón”, “Bocaditos,” or “Orange butter,” whatever name you prefer, is so much tastier! Of course, we should keep in mind that this is according to my taste buds. But really, honestly, it just is! See, I felt that this recipe drowned out the deviled ham and let the cream cheese be over bearing. Also, it called for Worcestershire sauce which was too potent for the spread. I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea!

Soooo, after much pleading and one step away from getting on my knees, my little Chacha decided she will let me in on the secret. Well, sort of! You see her method of giving out her famous recipes goes something like this: “One shake of this, two pinches of that, and three handfuls of this. Oh yea and taste it. Once you figure out what’s missing add in some more, but don’t go over board.”(My mother who I love dearly does the exact same thing; it must be a Spanish thing)

“Ummmm, okkkaayyyy,” is all I could say to her.

So, today we are having my best friends over with boyfriends in tow, where we will be hosting our annual Secret Santa gift exchange. Tradition calls for guests to BYOB and host(s) to provide food. So, Al and I have decided that we will attempt to make Pastica de Jamón again! This time using Chacha’s recipe. It might be a tough one, but we think we can manage! I hope! Then again, she’s only a phone call away.

Wish us luck! Lots of it! If my little Chacha allows me to, I will post up her recipe. This will allow all you foodies out there to try both. Don’t forget to let Al and I know what you think!

So, from our kitchen to yours let the cooking escapades continue!

*Sol, Lali, & Patty: The rest of the crazy bunch! My best friends!

P.S. I have received permission to post up the recipe! Whohoo!

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