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Man vs. Food : Man Wins!!!

2 Dec

I had to post a video on this show, Man vs. Food hosted by Adam Richman. It plays on the Travel Channel. This is one of our favorite shows and coming from us that’s not a blank statement. I mean we watch a lot of food shows! Alot! If you haven’t ever seen this show you need to take a look. Adam, is a funny dude who travels cross country and visits all types of restaurants. Each restaurant is usually known for some type of special food, and usually it’s very BIG or really SPICY! The burger in the video is ENORMOUS, I still haven’t watched this episode but I’m hoping my DVR catches it. These restaurants hold contests to prove that no one could eat all their food and many times MAN does loose. I definitely recommend watching this show, he knows what good food really is. :)

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  1. Ogi 03. Dec, 2009 at 10:59 am #

    Hey i just bumped into this website, i like it! I think its a unique idea.

    This show is awesome though! I try to catch every episode. Keep the topics coming

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